The Leader of MDC Japanese Translation Team has changed

We’ve discussed about this internal for a while (related on bug-jp 5967), we’ve decided to switch the team leader of MDC Japanese Translation Team from me to potappo. He’ve worked for more than a year on the area of JavaScript documentations and about:mozilla newsletters (this is the private service of MDC Japanese Team, included in the DevNews Japanese version). Please contact him about the MDC Japanese translations after this.

Of cource, it does not mean that i’ll retire totally from the MDC works. So, you could contact me about the MDC Japanese, and I’ll support him about the works.

Remark: The MDC Japan Project is related on the MDC Japanese site, but not the same. So, please contact me about that project.

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  1. negorin says:

    Thank you for the great leads! I really really appreciate your leading roles to spread MDC in Japan. Without your initiatives, we do not have today’s MDC participants! 本当にお疲れ様でした。そして、いろいろと教えてくださって、ありがとう。心から感謝の意とともに、下農さんと同じ活動を共有できる時間を喜びに感じています。

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