Market share of Firefox

From the topic of Latesttopics > IEからシェアを奪う、を合言葉にしていてはFirefoxが勝てない理由-outsiderreflex (The actual reason why FF cannot be the top, while we make “eat away at the share from IE” as the word. Link target is written only in Japanese)

I wonder when people feel interest in the market share of FF? The main target of our works must be to propagate the “Open Web Standards. At that point, the existence of open source softwares/browsers like Firefox or WebKit might be important.  So, “don’t forget the lost five years at the IE5/6 era.”

Of cource, i don’t argue with the comment that the browsers which doesn’t imprememnt the whole standards (might be checked with ACID test or something) is the another nightmare for developers, like the two standard levels in IE8. But, it might be better, at least, than the destroyed standards.

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