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March 25, 2012


M 4.9 earthquake hit us during our work at the summit (of Mauna Kea). We’ve just started moving our instrument from fixed points at that time, and could not understand what was happened. Since it was not so large, no serious damage we’ve got. (Other than snow falls recent days. lol.)

February 7, 2009

Getting X’s windows from remote hosts on Cygwin/X

As previous, I think we can get remote X’s windows simply via ‘ssh -X’ or ‘ssh -Y’ with using ‘DISPLAY=localhost:xx.0’. But I cannot do so now. For this problem, I’ve first searched ‘xhost’ command, but cygwin returns ‘xhost: Command not found’. So, I’ve changed to other way with using pure xauth method. On cygwin terminal, […]

July 25, 2007

Now in Hawai’i

Now at Hilo/HI. Clear sky and clear sea!! Wooo. …. of cource, i’m working from morning to mid-night in the lab. :)

July 4, 2007

Coordinating (official) trip to Hawai’i

I’m planning to go to hawai’i to do my univ work around 7/22 to 8/17. And now, write many mails to staffs who are working at subaru/hawaii. I’ll try to upgrade our astrophysical instrument for next observation in this trip. Currently, we have some drawbacks to do observation perfectly. We can do of cource, but […]