How can we reawake MDC? I – Abstract

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After the system change from the MediaWiki to the DekiWiki, many localization communities have some frustrations or irritations due to the un-usable wiki system. And also, some localization communities have disappeared or destructed after the wiki system change, which we were heavily aware on the last summit at Whistler.

We have got many comments related on MDC itself. Many (past) contributors do not want to hear about and neither contribute to MDC anymore, gecko or mozilla developers complained of the hardness to migrate documents from to MDC and also the uselessness of the wiki system, web developers got error pages frequently. Some web developer made a local version of MDC, localmdc. To remedy such situation, we have discussed what to do and also what we CAN do in each localization community. At the time we have noticed the mozilla summit will be held this summer, and started discussion among communities.

Here we present a series of proposal with four parts. In part 2 we show some results of statistical analyses on MDC and the current status of some localization communities. In part 3 we present our recommendations to MDC as three proposals. In part 4 we list issues related on localization work with the current wiki system.

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