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June 14, 2008

Mgjbot risen

As commented on group, whose topic name was L10n migration, Mgjbot had stopped for a month. Among several bots for MDC hosted by the MDC Japan Project, most of them are on our primary server but only that bot is hosted on our secondary (backup) server. We modified our ldap directory hierarchy (for dc=mozilla,dc=gr,dc=jp) […]

March 24, 2008

The Leader of MDC Japanese Translation Team has changed

We’ve discussed about this internal for a while (related on bug-jp 5967), we’ve decided to switch the team leader of MDC Japanese Translation Team from me to potappo. He’ve worked for more than a year on the area of JavaScript documentations and about:mozilla newsletters (this is the private service of MDC Japanese Team, included in […]

November 5, 2007

Preparing new bots for MDC

We, MDC Japan Project, are now preparing new bots for MDC. * document translation status viewer for ‘Firefox 3 ready documents’ * document migration helper for MDC First one is originally created by Taken for DocFest M24 (Mozilla 24), and latter was used by MDC Japanese Team to migrate documents from Mozilla Japan to MDC. […]

July 1, 2007

inter-language link bot status

on -ja, -es, -fr, bot seems working properly. on -en, bot continues failing with trying update Main Page.. failed to detect locked (protected) pages? on -pl, some undetected errors are occured? continues to retrieve documents over 24 hours..