Mgjbot risen

As commented on group, whose topic name was L10n migration, Mgjbot had stopped for a month. Among several bots for MDC hosted by the MDC Japan Project, most of them are on our primary server but only that bot is hosted on our secondary (backup) server.

We modified our ldap directory hierarchy (for dc=mozilla,dc=gr,dc=jp) last month. But forgot modifying the pam configuration for the secondary server. (Only for the secondary server, not for the primary one) So, bots excluding Mgjbot (for inter-language links) were still working on that term.

If you found some trouble on the bots, please let me know or file as a bug on our bugzilla without hesitation. See our project page for details. I’ll try to watch posts on group, but forgive me that i cannot respond soon.

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  1. Benoit says:

    Thanks a lot, it will certainly help us with keeping a more consistent content. Your bots are an invaluable help to our translation and I hope the wiki engine migration won’t see their demise.

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