MDC Japan Project Status – To deal with MDC relunch

Now, we’ve finished executing final ‘full’ upgrade of inter-language links in the current MDC site for ja, fr, pl, en, es and zh-tw. So from now, current bots of MDC Japan Project will be fulfilled or planned to upgrade as the followings.

  1. Document fetching/updating module (internal perl module)

    Currently, we have no plan to upgrade. (First we should analyze the deki.) But this module is really BASIC for our bots (except one or two), I think we’d like to develop upgraded version this soon.

  2. Document converter (from en or the other site)

    Will close soon. (before relunch)

    • for converter from en : asap after updating module
    • for the other site : no plan (might be fulfilled)
  3. Statistics tool

    Data collector will stop after relunch, site will remain. We have no plan for upgraded one, but isn’t it possible to collect data language by language??

  4. Inter-language link bot (customized pymediawiki)

    Finished our final ‘full’ upgrade, so this will discontinue soon.No plan, but of cource, we know this is really important for MDC localizers.

  5. Updating log tools ver.1 (only for Ja)

    Will discontinue. Data collector (by php) will stop soon.

  6. List of MDC Document Translation Status

    Data collector (python) will stop after relunch. Site will close soon. But, no plan (this might be only for FF3 campaign).

  7. Document migration tools

    Was used for moving documents from to MDC. Will discontinue.

  8. Inter-language updating log tools ver.2

    Data collector is already stopped (at around 2008/Feb). No plan for further development

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