Setting up ethercalc

For our (astrophysical) project internal, I am trying to set up several web services. We could (and might be also “should”?) rely on cloud services, but for many reasons we need our own for some areas even we can have on cloud.. e.g.:

Note, I’ve not been succeeded to run ethercalc on our server.
Test run outputs error as below. It seems some script reads config file written in full path.. (e.g. /home/dotcloud/environment.json)

$ ./node_modules/ethercalc/bin/ethercalc
Please connect to: http://etherpad:8000/
info - started

throw "Unknown middleware " + name;
Unknown middleware /edit

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  1. Zack says:

    Hello there,

    I was running into the same problem, and it ended up being because I didn’t install ethercalc properly. I did this originally:

    npm install ethercalc

    This caused me to run into the exact same problem you were running into. To fix it, I deleted the ethercalc folder that got installed in ~/node_modules, then ran this command:

    npm i -g ethercalc

    This installs ethercalc correctly at the system level. Then you can simply type ethercalc to run the server and it should work fine. Mine came up with a warning about not having redis installed, so I did this:

    yum search redis

    and I located the package. Haven’t installed it yet but I’ll let you know what happens. I know redis is required in order to have multiple people work on the same spreadsheet. Let me know if you run into issues!

  2. Audrey Tang says:

    Hi! This is fixed back in June 22 as of 0.20130622.1.

    Please let me know if there’s any remaining issues!

  3. himorin says:

    Thank you Audrey! I’ve succeeded now :)
    I thought it was something my configuration issue… I’ll blog what I did, and also post issue to github if any.

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