Update board design for mirror grinding

One of our key technology innovation is to create mirror (M1 – first mirror to collect photon) surface with grinding. In this procedure, we must check surface geometry with desirable one, and correct error to below 50nm or so.
Of cource we use optical (laser) interferometer to measure the grinding mirror surface, but we should ask ourselfs on what configuration we should measure that.
We can get answers of this with considering on what configuration we use this mirror. Telescope mirror mount are made with circle pads controlled with the averaged weight support, so we decided to make supports that can simulate this. The board is designed to work as a controller of this support.

I use “eagle – layout editor” by CadSoft to do this work.
And i have one question on this soft.. Are there some easy way to update board design after updating nets? Of cource, i should display windows both of net and board to make consistency, but sometimes i do my work after closing board window :p..

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