MDC Japan Project — We ARE BACK!

As posted to dev-mdc list, MDC Japan Project opens test site for new system.

Two years ago,,

MDC Japan Project had stopped all of our bot or web services soon because of the deki switch. We have got many comments and yelled at the death of services But the past service only works on MediaWiki, and we had lack of spirit due to the suddenly change from MW to deki without discussion between MoCo and l10n communities.

Yes. Now, We ARE BACK!

About a half year ago, I had post about the new inter-language link checker to dev-mdc list. NOW, you can test the new inter-language link checker on our temporary server. (Remark: So url will be changed in month or so.)

Backend databases of this serivce are nearly the same as the past. So if we have enough time or help, services will remain soon :-p All codes will be open as the Subversion repository on, and whole web site is capable to translate into other languages (using perl template toolkit). Of cource, even now, one can access to the code with write permission as a member of MDC Japan Project — we are welcome to new menbers :-)

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