Upgraded two mozilla.gr.jp sites

I’ve upgraded two mozilla.gr.jp sites.

  1. Copied TT based web scripts for seamonkey.mozilla.gr.jp
  2. Created ‘planet’ of mozilla-gumi members

For seamonkey.mozilla.gr.jp, i shuold thank for justdave‘s help. I’ve once tried to check out seamonkeyproject-org from /cvsroot. As a comment by justdave on irc,

justdave> :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/www
justdave> I think the module name is seamonkeyproject-org
justdave> http://bonsai-www.mozilla.org/ should tell you (click Browse on the top right)

we can get the repository path from bonsai site. (incl. repository path and module name, too)

The ‘releases’ pages of the seamonley.mgj site will be changed into html pages based on perl TT. (Of cource, after the prepareation of seamonkey-ja peoples)

For the planet of mozilla-gumi members, please refer bug-jp bug 5865 for details. This is (might be?) a first planet site for mozilla-gumi, and queries blogs of proposed members.

(Sorry, all links to mozilla.gr.jp sites are only in Japanese. :p)

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