Memo for referers of this blog’s access

While checking this blog’s log, I’ve found some logs which has a referer from “google translate” (to translate my Japanese post to English :-D). As I’ve interested on that, I started to summarize the referers to this blog. (by executing SQLs..)

Most seen referers were like this.

  • 58.1% didn’t have
  • 11.3% was spam comments
  • search requests
    • 13.8% was from google search
    • 1.7% was from yahoo search
  • 8.8% was from internal
  • from planet services
    • 0.5% was from
    • 0.5% was from
  • only 0.7% was from hatena (incl. every services), which is Japanese largest blog, bookmark (etc.) service
  • quite few from MDC’s bugzilla-ja page :-p

Because that this blog’s RSS contains whole, I can be got round that the amount of referers from RSS reader serivce is not large. But I didn’t think the amount of them from search engines to be high as this.

For ‘translation’ service, I think I have to write Bugzilla related posts in English (or both in Japanese and English). :-D

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